Siza Enterprise Development Fund - Putting you in touch with your BEE partners

Siza is a Not for Profit Company aligned with the requirements of Enterprise Development in terms of the Codes of Good Practice (“BEE Codes”) with the objective of investing in and supporting qualifying SMME’s to facilitate growth and contribute positively to the South African economy.

The South African Government and the private sector alike have acknowledged that the Small Micro Medium Enterprises (“SMME”) sector is where the most jobs are to be generated in the future.

South Africa lags behind other developing counties in promoting the growth and sustainability of SMME’s.

Since 2001, the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor surveys which are now performed on 59 geographically and economically diverse countries which make up 52% of the world’s population and 84% of the world’s GDP, have consistently recorded low levels of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa.

Key recommendations from the surveys on improving entrepreneurship include, inter alia:

• That Government programmes and funding agencies should either be replaced or partnered with successful private organizations and be staffed by well-trained, experienced and committed professionals or executives.

• Highly efficient new finance structures must be established.
• The funding application process should be simplified to accommodate the reality of the majority of SA’s entrepreneurs.
• The provision of funding must be coupled with ongoing mentorship, training and access to support services.

Siza addresses the issues raised in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor surveys by combining private sector business experience and training, financial structuring expertise, funding and professional business support and mentoring services.